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Welcome one, welcome all! This is Midnight Double Feature from Zoheb, Collin, Danny and Matt!


This is truly a massive and exciting journey that we have embarked on together. Initially, we were just two dudes who loved talking about flicks, but then we thought "hmmm... I wonder if anyone will listen to our drivel?"...and here we are!


Though the first episode is a bit unorthodox, we've got plenty of badass content coming.


We thank you for your love and support! Feel free to hit us up at for any tips or tricks to podcasting or any requests for anything you'd like to hear us talk about!


- Z, C, M & D

Jun 17, 2021

On this week's agenda:

  1. What we've been up to; 
  2. E3 2021; 
  3. Interview with 'The Penny Black' filmmakers, Alex Greer (Producer) and Joe Saunders (Director). Timecode: 12:30 to 44:35; 
  4. Marvel's Loki Discussion; 
  5. Reminiscence Trailer;
  6. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Review; 
  7. MDF Game: Our FAVOURITE Cult Films. 

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